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JGM6112   $1 Gloves
KBR301BJ   1 Line Balls Bracelet
KBR1L-2   1 Line Crystal Bracelet
KBR89BJJ   1 Line Crystal Bracelet W/ Pearl ends
KBR332KGBC   1-Line Crystal Bracelet
KCHO1L   1-Line Crystal Choker
KBR106BCJ   1-Line Crystal/Pearl Bracelet
KBR298AC   1-Line Pearl/Rhinestone Bracelet
KB17-1AH   1-Line Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet
KBR107BBJ   1-Line Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet
KBR375AHJ   1-Line Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet (Medium Stone)
KBR10L   10-LineS Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet
83133   11 Rows Rhinestone Elastic Bracelet
83134   15 Rows Rhinestone Elastic Bracelet
KBR2L-2   2 Line Crystal Bracelet
KBR89CH2L   2 Line Crystal Bracelet w/Pearl ends
KBR305CE2   2 Line Crystal Wrap Around Bracelet w/Pearl Ends
KBR295CE2   2-Line Circle Cuff Bracelet
KBR287CE2   2-Line Heart Cuff Bracelet
KBR227CE2   2-Line Star Cuff Bracelet
KBR3L-2   3 Line Crystal Bracelet
KBR287E3   3-Line Hearts/Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet
KBR227E3   3-Line Stars/Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet
KBR299DC3   3-Lines Crystal Bracelet
KBR324CJ   3-Lines Crystal Bracelet
80692-1   4 Rows Rhinestone Elastic Bracelet
KBR5L-2   5 Line Crystal Bracelet
80592-1   5 Rows Rhinestone Elastic Bracelet
80593   7 Rows Rhinestone Elastic Bracelet
80693   9 Rows Rhinestone Elastic Bracelet
KN-05AJJ   All Around Multi Circles Long Necklace
CN019AB   Bead Necklace
BEAR1A   Bear Key Chain
CHB71480   Birthday Headband
71763   Birthday Rhinestone HeadBand
71765   Birthday Rhinestone HeadBand
71766   Birthday Rhinestone HeadBand
KM2056   Body Sticker
KM2057   Body Sticker
KM2058   Body Sticker
HDH2108   Bridesmaids Headband
BUSINESS1A   Business Card Holder
BUSINESS2A   Business Card Holder
BUSINESS3A   Business Card Holder
BUSINESS4A   Business Card Holder
BUSINESS5A   Business Card With Pen Holder
KBR-340BEAH   Butterfly Crystal Bracelet
CBRZY09   Charm Bracelet
CBRZY12   Charm Bracelet
CBRZY14   Charm Bracelet
CBRZY19   Charm Bracelet
CBRZY2   Charm Bracelet
CN-22-0BB   Choker
CI1   Cigarettes Case
KBR005C25   Circle Bracelet
KN480MJ   Circle Crystal Necklace
KE630CO18   Circle Danling Earring
KE27CM20   Circle Earrings
KN05C55   Circle Necklace
KE1150AE   Circle w/Stone Earrings
KBR295B1L   Circles 1 Line Crystal Bracelet
HCY5065   Comb Tiara
KBR288AH   Cross Crystal Bracelet
KE208-03   Crystal Ball Earrings(Large Size)
83117   Crystal Bracelet
B3201   Crystal Bracelet
B3217   Crystal Bracelet
B3279   Crystal Bracelet
B3280   Crystal Bracelet
B3337   Crystal Bracelet
B4039   Crystal Bracelet
B4100   Crystal Bracelet
B4107   Crystal Bracelet
B4108   Crystal Bracelet
B4119   Crystal Bracelet
B4125   Crystal Bracelet
B4139   Crystal Bracelet
B8502   Crystal Bracelet
B8504   Crystal Bracelet
B8516   Crystal Bracelet
B8523   Crystal Bracelet
B8524   Crystal Bracelet
B8534   Crystal Bracelet
B8540   Crystal Bracelet
B8548   Crystal Bracelet
KBR-108TMBC   Crystal Bracelet
KBR-S108BA   Crystal Bracelet
KBR12   Crystal Bracelet
KBR19   Crystal Bracelet
KBR245TR   Crystal Bracelet
KBR2B021   Crystal Bracelet
KBR320EE   Crystal Bracelet
KBR321EE   Crystal Bracelet
KBR325DH   Crystal Bracelet
KBR329TMCF   Crystal Bracelet
KBR331BLB   Crystal Bracelet
KBR333KGE   Crystal Bracelet
KBR347   Crystal Bracelet
KBR385TM   Crystal Bracelet
KBR386TM   Crystal Bracelet
KBR387TM   Crystal Bracelet
KBR388J   Crystal Bracelet
KBR389   Crystal Bracelet
CB145   Crystal Cell Phone Purse
S15091   Crystal Chock
kcho18ee   Crystal Choker Necklace
141152   Crystal CLUTCH
80147   Crystal CLUTCH
KE-1459JGB   Crystal Cross Earring
KE-1529JGB   Crystal Earring
KE-1532JGBD   Crystal Earring
KE1413TRBE   Crystal Earring
KE-1448BLAH   Crystal Elephant Earring
KE-1448BLBB   Crystal Elephant Earring
KN-4651SBE   Crystal Evil Eye Necklace
CCB4378AC   Crystal Haircome
CCB4381AD   Crystal Haircome
T1258   Crystal Happy Birthday Tiara
T1258-1   Crystal Happy Birthday Tiara
KN311CJ   Crystal Heart Necklace
KN310CJ   Crystal Necklace
S16172   Crystal Necklace Set
S16735   Crystal Necklace Set
KN4   Crystal Necklaces
CB145AD   Crystal Purse
CB170AG   Crystal Purse
KR262CE   Crystal Ring
KE208-01   Crystal Stud Earrings
60587   Crystal Tiara
T1108   Crystal Tiara
T1170   Crystal Tiara
T1199   Crystal Tiara
T1202   Crystal Tiara
T1204   Crystal Tiara
T1209   Crystal Tiara
T1256   Crystal Tiara
T1262   Crystal Tiara
T1276   Crystal Tiara
T1281   Crystal Tiara
T1286   Crystal Tiara
T1348   Crystal Tiara
T1350   Crystal Tiara
T1351   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0235   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0356   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0509   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0521   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0706   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0734   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0735   Crystal Tiara
TA29-0837   Crystal Tiara
KCHO17CEJ   Crystal/Circles Chocker
80503   Crystal/Pearl CLUTCH
KE1583   Cubic Zirconia Earring
KBR63GJJ   CZ Crystal Bracelet
CE0210   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CE065   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CE3717   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-13   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-14   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-15   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-16   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-17   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-18   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-18AH   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-19   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-1AA   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-21   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-21AD   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-22   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-31   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-37   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-38   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-39   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-4   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-40   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-41   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-42   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-43   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-44   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-49   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-5   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-50   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-51   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-52   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-53   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-58   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-59   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-60   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-61   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-62   CZ Rhinestone Earring
CES-63   CZ Rhinestone Earring

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